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by Adventurous Learning Childcare on 08/15/19

I believe Summer is a time when a kid should be a kid. When I was a little girl in the late 60's I would play outside with my friends until I was hungry or thirsty. Satisfy my needs and go right back to the play, until dinner time.

I try to recreate that for the children in this Preschool. Obviously they need to be under supervision, but for me summer is about letting them just play. 
Play in the sand, and water, hot afternoons in the sprinkler with popsicles. Trips to the library for the summer reading program, making Ice Cream, Side walk chalk, riding bikes, swinging, helping in the garden... The list goes on and on. 
Of course there is also practicing writing, and we still go through all the learning of circle time. In addition this summer we are doing all diffenrent forms of art. I have posted some of it on Facebook at NewbergAdventurousLearning if you would like to see. 
It has been a summer full of fun and learning!!

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