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November Leaves and Thankfulness

by Adventurous Learning Childcare on 11/12/17

I just love this time of year! I love to watch children learn mostly through play, as we go outside and play in the leaves! Simple yet important. The children discovered the smells, textures, and colors of the leaves. They learned cooperation with each other as they worked together to pile up the leaves and throw them up in the air to make it rain leaves. We collected the leaves, and made leaf imprints with our air dry clay. When they dried the children painted the leaves. They were very proud of their work. 

This time of year also brings about learning about Veterans Day. This is near and dear to my heart. Also a very delicate subject. We sing the National Anthem every day and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Which gives the children a sense of respect and honor. Veterans day teaches them thankfulness. In addition to some fun art projects, we learned a thank you song for the veterans and put flowers on the Veterans Memorial that is at the local park. 
If you would like to see these things go to Newberg Adventurous Learning on Facebook. 

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