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Getting to Know Adventurous Learning

by Adventurous Learning Childcare on 10/22/17

Preschool Newberg Oregon

Hello my name is Jeanne and I am the owner of Adventurous Learning, here in the beautiful town of Newberg. We are an in-home certified childcare that has two locations. With the help of my amazing team we keep classrooms small, having no more than sixteen children at our main location and only twelve at the other. This allows us to spend time with each child and learn about their individual personalities and preferences.

Enriching the lives of children in this community has been my goal and my passion for thirty years. I have always loved children and have always wanted to make a difference; Adventurous Learning has allowed me to do that. This program is a culmination of my dreams, combined with an amazing support staff that love and nurture the children who attend our childcare program as much as I do.

Every day children come to Adventurous Learning they have the opportunity to participate in circle time and engage in learning through participation in lessons, games, art, stories, and more. In addition, they get to be in a home-like setting that creates comfort, encourages them to be themselves, and allows them to feel safe, and happy. I want to see a smile on their face and know that they are thriving in our care. When a child is happy from their successes, I see their excitement and I feel young! It brings out the child in me when I realize- I am living my lifelong dream!

As passionate as I am about Adventurous Learning my greatest accomplishment is my own three, thriving, adult children along with my two grandchildren who are my pride and joy. In my (sometimes limited) free time I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, camping, and gardening. I come from a large family where I am the youngest of seven. In my sophomore year of High School I took a childcare class that gave me the opportunity to be bused to a child care center nearby to work with the children in person. I loved them, and the children loved me. When I walked through the door each day they would yell my name and run and give me a big group hug. It just felt right to be there. From that experience on I knew I wanted to work with children.

Preschool Newberg Oregon

Newberg Oregon Preschool

Christmas Newberg Oregon Preschool

Newberg Oregon Preschool

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